We don’t need no stinkin bootloaders!

I have been saying for a number of years now that bootloaders such as GRUB2, rEFit, Clover and others have no place in modern EFI-based Linux systems and that the only reason to use such a bootloader is if you are on older system where you wish to be able to boot into one of a number of operating systems. The Linux Foundation is now a member of Unified EFI Forum (about time!) and has now got full access to the resources of that forum. As a result, kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman has been working on the procedures for how

Using FedUp to Update an EFI Boot Stub System to Fedora 19

FedUp (FEDora UPgrader) is the new tool for upgrading existing Fedora installs in Fedora 18 and above releases. It replaces all the previously recommended upgrade methods, i.e. PreUpgrade, DVD, USB, etc., that were available in previous Fedora releases. By the way, the Anaconda installer was totally redesigned for Fedora 18 and no longer has built-in upgrade functionality in Fedora 18 or later releases. Such functionality was delegated to FedUp. In this post, I demonstrate how to use FedUp to upgrade an EFI Boot Stub (EFISTUB) Fedora 18 system to an EFI Boot Stub Fedora 19 system. The EFI Boot Stub

Booting Fedora 19 Using EFI Boot Stub

This post assumes that you are familiar with EFISTUB-booting a Linux Kernel and you have access to an EFI shell on your system. If not, see my blog posts on Musings of an OS Plumber for more information on EFI booting Linux systems. Here is a suitable EFI script for the Fedora 19 GA kernel: $ cat f19.nsh vmlinuz-3.9.6-301.fc19.efi root=UUID=1d3092fc-265e-4860-a609-d6a16c1a6458 rd.lvm=0 KEYTABLE=us SYSFONT=True rd.luks=0 ro LANG=en_US.UTF-8 rhgb quiet initrd=.initramfs-3.9.6-301.fc19.x86_64.img You will have to replace the above root filesystem UUID with the UUID of your root filesystem. It also assumes that you are not using a Logical Volume Manager