Accessing Cisco Secure ACS 5.X Internals

Cisco Secure Access Control System is based on CentOS. This post will show you how to access the Bash shell as root, and explores the underlying filesystem layout and utilities which make up this product..

Updating the Fedora 14 JavaScript Shell

This post shows you how to build the Mozilla TraceMonkey JavaScript shell on Fedora 14. A number of examples are also provided to show you how to load and execute JavaScript scripts using this JavaScript shell.

Sort Korn Shell 93 Associative Arrays

This port demonstrates one method of sort printing the elements of an Korn shell associative array.

JavaScript Shell Command Line Processing

This post demonstrates how to provide robust support for command line argument processing in a JavaScript shell using the classical Unix getopts paradigm. It also demonstrates how to access environmental variables from a JavaScript shell.

KSH93 Bit Manipulation

When programmers think about bitwise manipulation, they usually think about using C or C++ to solve their problem since both programming languages provide a rich set of features which make it easy to perform bitwise manipulation. It is possible to just as easily perform such operations using the Korn shell. This post explains what bitwise manipulation and number conversion facilities are available in ksh93.