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Installing Google Chrome 38 on Fedora 21 Alpha

Download the current stable Google Chrome RPM. As of today’s date this is revision 38.0.2125. You also need to install two package to get and lsb (Linux Standards Base) compatibility. # yum install libXScrnSaver redhat-lsb # rpm -Uvh google-chrome-stable_current_x86_64.rpm One of the major new features in this version of Chrome is support for a security key such as the Yubico FIDO U2F for two-factor authentication. Note that FIDO U2F devices do not currently work with Fedora 21 Alpha. Such devices work perfectly well on the Windows build of the Google Chrome browser. However, on the alpha version of Fedora

GNS3 Cloud and VMware Host-Only Adapter

When you research how to connect a VMware guest to GNS3, you will find many articles advocating the use of a Microsoft loopback adapter. Here is one such example from Intense School. Equally you will find many requests for help from people who ran into trouble setting up such such a configuration. Reasons for loopback connectivity failure include Microsoft firewall issues, MAC address issues and IPv4 configuration issues. I typically create a host-only network when I am testing or using VMs as I do not have a need for external connectivity for such VMs. I prefer not to use the