Ruby 1.9.1 RC Released

In his usual understated way, Yuhi Sonoda announced the first Ruby 1.9.1 release candidate earlier today on the ruby-talk mailing list. Hi, folks Ruby 1.9.1 has been just released. This is a release candidate of Ruby 1.9.1, which will be the first stable version of Ruby 1.9 series. Try it early and have a experience of modern, faster, with clearer syntax, multilingualized and much improved Ruby world. We have fixed 72 bugs and implemented some features: If you encounter a bug or a problem, please let us know it via the official issue tracking system ( ). I am

Korn Shell 93 Auditing and Accounting

Korn Shell 93 is the only UNIX or GNU/Linux shell that I am aware of that, with proper setup, supports a modicum of per-user accounting and auditing. This post attempts to explain these facilities and show you how to access and manipulate the resulting accounting and auditing records.

PowerShell CTP3

There was an early Christmas present from the Windows PowerShell (AKA PoSH) Team.  The Community Technology Preview 3 (CTP3) of Windows PowerShell v2.0 was released on December 23rd just in time for Christmas.  The announcement is here.  As expected CTP3 builds on the new technology provided in CTP2 which was released in May 2008.  You can download CTP3 from the Microsoft Download Center. Hemant Mahawar, Program Manager for PowerShell, summarized the CTP3 release as follows: This release brings, among other things, performance improvements … things will be faster/more efficient than before. PowerShell remoting now allows implicit remoting where command execution appears to be local

Listen to My Posts

You can now listen my posts being read by either a male or female using an automatic text to speech translater developed by Vozme which uses the Festival Speech Synthesis System developed by the The Center for Speech Technology Research at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Festival is multi-lingual though the British and American dialects of English are the most advanced.  Tools and documentation for building new voices are available from the Carnegie Mellon University FestVox project. I have added two white buttoms to the bottom of posts, one marked Male and one marked Female.  Just select whichever voice you want

Fairytale of New York

Well Christmas is fast approaching so I decided to experiment with adding audio and video to my blog.  If you are from the United Kingdom, Ireland, or much of western Europe you will be no doubt familar with a folk-rock group called The Pogues and their Christmas song called Fairytale of New York which was first released in 1987 as part of the album If I Should Fall from Grace with God. This song is a perennial favorite for many people at this time of the year.  It is a duet between Kirsty MacColl and Shane MacGowan.  Kirsty MacColl died in Cozumel Mexico