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Now that OpenSSL has finally reached version 1.0.0, I decided to take another look how the various Data Encryption Standard (DES) application programming interfaces (routines) included in OpenSSL can be used to encrypt and decrypt data. Since there is also a lack of simple examples available on the Internet of how to actually use the OpenSSL DES routines, I have included a number of examples in this post to encourage readers to experiment with these routines. The original author of the DES routines in OpenSSL’s libcrypto was Eric Young. Young and Tim Hudson posted the first version of of a

HTML5 Canvas To PPM Serializer

Earlier this week I added support for saving images in Portable Pixel Map (PPM) format to a Firefox Add-on called WIPS which I wrote earlier this year. Why bother adding PPM support you may well ask? Well, the PPM format is probably one of the lowest common denominators amongst the image exchange formats that are in common use on Unix and GNU/Linux platforms. I wrote the PPM image serializer in Javascript so that it would be portable across all the platforms supported by Firefox. I could have called out to a shared library or DDL, for example netpbm‘s libnetpbm, but