Exploring Systemd D-Bus Interface

This post takes a detailed look at the systemd D-Bus interface particularly as it relates to systemd snapshots.

Zero Power Optical Drive Support

Zero power optical drive support (ZPODD) is finally coming to the Linux kernel. Support for ZPODD will be available in the 3.9 kernel. ZPODD aims to reduce power consumption on SATA Slimline Optical Disk Drives (ODDs). Both drawer and slot OODs are supported. The goal is to cut off the power supply to the optical drive when it is not in use. When the user wants to use the drive, the power supply is resumed. For more information, see the Mount Fuji 8 Revision 1.0 Specification. The Mount Fuji group consists of optical disc drive manufacturers, operating system vendors, independent

How To Mount Logical Volumes From Redhat Rescue Mode

First boot your rescue media and scan for volume groups: # lvm vgscan -v This should find all the volume groups on your system. Then activate the volume groups: # lvm vgchange -a y You can then list the logical volumes: # lvm lvs –all You should then be able to mount one or more of the logical volumes to access it’s contents.