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Coming Soon - Software Engineering PE

In August 2009 the NCEES Board of Directors approved moving forward with the development of a Principles and Practice of Engineering examination, commonly known as the PE (Professional Engineer) exam, for the discipline of software engineering. NCEES is the umbrella organization for the engineering and surveying jurisdictional licensing boards in the United States. It develops and administers examinations used for engineering licensure. The prerequisite for NCEES to consider initiating a PE examination in a new discipline includes written requests from no fewer than 10 state licensing boards that can demonstrate a need for the examination in their jurisdictions. The requests

Project Plymouth

Plymouth is the codename for a project started in 2007 by Ray Strobe of Redhat to develop a graphical application to display a flicker free animated splash screen during the boot process while logging console text output to a log file. Fedora 10 (Cambridge) was the first release of Fedora to contain Plymouth. Development work is actively ongoing and the current release is 0.71. Plymouth is intended to be a replacement for RHGB (Red Hat Graphical Boot) which is currently used by Red Hat to provide a graphical boot display. If rhgb is part of the kernel command line,

Ruby D-Bus and Fedora 11

Earlier this year I wrote a number of posts about monitoring and interacting with D-Bus using shell scripts. In this post I use Ruby to monitor and interact with D-Bus enabled applications. If you are unfamiliar with D-Bus, a good starting point is this tutorial by the authors of the D-Bus specification. I used the standard out-of-the-box version of Ruby which comes with Fedora 11. $ ruby –version ruby 1.8.6 (2009-06-08 patchlevel 369) [x86_64-linux] Those readers who are familiar with Ruby will recognize that this version of Ruby is quite old by Ruby standards and is in maintenance mode