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Installing 64-bit Flash Plugin (Square) for Firefox on Fedora 13

The Adobe Flash Player is a very popular method for delivering rich web content. Native 32-bit Flash Player plugins for web browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Chrome and others have been available for a long time. Adobe had a preview 64-bit GNU/Linux Flash Player available but withdrew support for it back in June 2010 citing the need to make “significant architectural changes” and “security enhancements” to the player. Since then no native 64-bit Flash Player plugin has been available for GNU/Linux from Adobe. However, on September 15th 2010 they released a preview Flash Player named Square which included a native

UEFI Booting 64-bit Redhat Enterprise Linux 6

I recently decided to UEFI install the second beta of 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux, version 6 (RHEL6 Beta 2) to see what was the current state of UEFI booting as far as Red Hat was concerned. The platform I choose to use was an Intel DX48BT2 motherboard which has unofficial support for UEFI booting. By unofficial support, I mean that you can configure the firmware to support UEFI but, according to all reports that I have read, Intel will not help you if you encountered any problems. How a company like Intel can get away with such a policy