XAM Query Language

As well as providing vendor-independent means of creating, retrieving, modifying and deleting XSets, the SNIA XAM v1.0 specification also defines a query language (XAM QL), based on a subset of the SQL language, for selecting and retrieving the XUIDs of XSets based on content-defined criteria. The set of reserved words for this query language is quite small: select, where, and, or, not, like, exists, binding, readonly, typeof, length, date, TRUE, FALSE, before, after, contains, and within. By design, XAM queries look like an SQL select statement. The query language is case insensitive and uses the ASCII character set. Here is

Linux HPET Support

IA-PC HPET (High Precision Event Timer) is a specification which was jointly developed by Intel and Microsoft in the early part of this decade.. The latest version is dated October 2004. It’s stated purpose is to initially supplement and eventually replace the legacy 8254 Programmable Interval Timer and the Real Time Clock Periodic Interrupt generation functions that are currently used as the ‘de-facto’ timer hardware for IA-PCs. The HPET architecture defines a set of timers that can be used by the operating system. A timer block is a combination of a single counter and up to 32 comparators and match