UEFI Booting Fedora 12 on an Intel DX48BT2

For some time Fedora releases have supported UEFI (more commonly known as EFI) booting on X86-64 platforms. Having some experience of using EFI on IA64 platforms over the years, I decided to test out EFI booting Fedora 12 on one of my systems has built-in support for UEFI booting. This post details my experience.

Accessing UEFI Global Variables from User Space

UEFI is a follow on to the original EFI specification developed by Intel in the late 1990s. Until recently, UEFI was restricted to high-end servers but is now becoming more commonplace on commodity servers and desktops. Fedora 12 can be booted using UEFI. In this post, I describe how to access and list the UEFI globally defined variables that Fedora 12 is aware of.