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My Thoughts on Systemd on RHEL7

From the earliest days of systemd, I have been opposed to the technology as far as it’s use on enterprise servers is concerned. Now that RHEL7 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux v7), which uses systemd instead of upstart, is starting to replace older versions of RHEL in enterprise and DOD environments, I thought I would revisit the issue. My technical reasons for opposing systemd on servers are as follows: There is no guarantee that services will be started in the same order each time a server is rebooted. Logs are binary, non-transactional and in a different format than previously. This means

So You Think You Are Ready For The RHCSA Exam?

So you have studied hard, maybe even attended a week or two of formal training, for the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) exam and now you think you are ready to take the actual examination. Before you spend your money (currently $400) on the actual examination, why not download my custom CentOS 7.2 VM from and attempt a real world test of your RHCSA skills. This VM, which is in the form of an OVA (Open Virtualization Archive), will work with VMware Workstation 10 or later. Sorry, but if you want to use the VM in other environments,