CHIPSEC v1.8.1 UEFI Shell SPI Dump Command Error

This blog post discusses a Python 3 TypeError bug in CHIPSEC version 1.8.1 when the SPI dump command is invoked.

Exploring Lenovo T480 NVRAM Variables With CHIPSEC

In this blog post I compare the output produced by the CHIPSEC 1.8.1 chipsec_util uefi nvram command to that produced by the UEFI shell dmpstore utility and discover a small number of interesting differences.

Two UEFI Screenshot Utilities Added To UEFI-Utilities-2019

In this post I discuss two new utilities that I have recently released for taking full or partial screenshots from within the UEFI shell.

UEFI Utility ShowBGRT Updated to Include Display Image Option and More

This post describes the changes and enhancements which I recently made to my ShowBGRT utility which is a simple tool to extract information and the boot logo image using the ACPI Boot Graphics Resource Table.

UEFI Utility DisplayBMP Updated to Support More Formats and Scrolling

This post details the changes I made to my DisplayBPM UEFI shell utility to support more formats, better image header checks, and vertical scrolling of screen whenever necessary to fully display the image.