Configuring a FreeIPA Server For Use In RHCE7 Practice Lab

This post shows you how to configure a FreeIPA server for use in a RHCE7 exam preparation lab environment.

RHCSA Preparation - Script to Configure a Simple OpenLDAP Server

If you are preparing for the RHCSA exam, this post should be of interest to you. I provide a Bash script which will fully configure a simple OpenLDAP directory server which you can then use to test that your OpenLDAP client setup is correct.

Nesting RHEL7 KVM on VMware Workstation 12

In this post I discuss how to enable a Red Hat Enterprise Linux VM to use KVM when installed on top of VMware Workstation version 8 or later.

So You Think You Are Ready For The RHCSA Exam?

Want to test your RHCSA test preparedness? This blog post provides details of a custom CentOS 7.2 VM which enables you to do exactly that. As close to the real exam experience as possible.

Software Craftsman Training

A new academy has just opened in North Carolina which adheres to the tenants of the emerging software craftsmanship movement, a movement that bears more resemblance to building trade school programs than to any academic computer science program. Members of the movement strongly believe that creating software is a craft, and that the best way to learn that craft is through total immersion. The RoleModel Software Craftsmanship Academy is the first of its kind in the USA. According to the website: The focused program will take 8 promising individuals through six months of intense, on-site training from May 14 through