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GNS3 Cloud and VMware Host-Only Adapter

When you research how to connect a VMware guest to GNS3, you will find many articles advocating the use of a Microsoft loopback adapter. Here is one such example from Intense School. Equally you will find many requests for help from people who ran into trouble setting up such such a configuration. Reasons for loopback connectivity failure include Microsoft firewall issues, MAC address issues and IPv4 configuration issues. I typically create a host-only network when I am testing or using VMs as I do not have a need for external connectivity for such VMs. I prefer not to use the

My thoughts on Docker, i.e. Linux Containers

Docker is an open-source project, started by Solomon Hykes of dotCloud, that automates the packaging of an application and its dependencies, and the deployment of such applications inside software containers on a Linux kernel. Currently the technology is being strongly pushed by the Linux community and especially by Red Hat. Unlike hypervisor-based virtual machines, a Docker container does not include the kernel or all the operating system libraries, shells and utilities. Instead, it relies on functionality in the Linux kernel (cgroups, LXC, etc.) to provide resource and namespace isolation. In many ways this is similar to the older Oracle Solaris

Accessing VMware Guest Virtual Serial Port on Linux Host

I use the leaked Nexus 7000 emulator (codename Titanium) VM on my Windows 7 laptop from time to time. It runs as a guest under VMware Workstation v9. One of the interesting items about this VM is that you access the Nexus 7000 console via a virtual serial port. I recently decided to install a trial version VMware Workstation on a 64-bit Fedora 20 platform and imported the Nexus 7000 OVA (OVF Archive) which I built from the VM on my Windows platform. The problem I then encountered was how to connect to the virtual serial port. The installation of

Vista VMware Network Connections

When I am traveling, I often use VMware workstation on my Windows Vista Ultimate laptop to host both Redhat and Ubuntu VMs. One thing that irritates me about this arrangement is that whenever I reconfigure networking in VMware, Windows Vista shows these networking interfaces are part of a unidentified network with limited access. For example, when you right click on the networking icon, the following networks are displayed. Network is my regular wireless or hard-wired LAN connection to my router and from there to the Internet. The unidentified network, marked limited connectivity, are two VMware virtual network adapters. Here is