Creating a UEFI Rescue DVD

In this post, I demonstate one way of creating a UEFI Rescue DVD called URD (UEFI Rescue DVD).

Vista VMware Network Connections

By default, VMware virtual network adapters show up as an unidentified network with limited connectivity. This post discusses the underlying reasons and shows you how to resolve the problem either manually or using a Windows PowerShell script.

Vista Snipping Tool Rant

My version of Microsoft Windows Vista comes with a screen capture tool called the Snipping Tool.  It is a very useful tool which I often use.  With this tool you can capture a screen shot (snip) of any part of your screen and save it to the clipboard or to a file in a number of formats (HTML, PNG, GIF, or JPEG).  Available snip types include free-form, rectangular, window or full-screen. One day last week the Snipping Tool suddenly stopped allowing me to save a snip to a file.  No error messages or message of any kind.  Pressing the Save

Google Globetrotting Woes

I am currently on the beautiful island of Cebu in the Philippines visiting with my old friend and colleague Charles Richmond at IISC and giving some talks on OS internals.  I use a Lenovo Thinkpad laptop running Windows Vista Ultimate when travelling with Mozilla Firefox 3 as my default browser. Firefox 3 comes with a default Search Bar on the top right hand corner containing a number of default search engines including Google. If I type a search term in the Google Search Bar option, Google figures out behind the scenes that I am located in the Philippines, redirects me