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Convert Levovo T430 Windows 7 Factory Disk to UEFI Without ReInstall

My Lenovo T430 came with UEFI 2.3.1 firmware but Lenovo had factory-installed Windows 7 Professional 64-bit using an MBR-partitioned 500gb disk. I was a bit unhappy with that and decided to convert the disk to GPT (GUID Partition Table) and modify Windows 7 to UEFI-boot without reinstalling Windows 7. While, I was at it, I decided to install Fedora 17 and enable either operating system to be booted without the need for GRUB, LiLo or the like. This post describes how I did it. This post was written some months after I successfully converted my laptop – so I may

Display UEFI Firmware Version, Vendor, Revision and Build Date

So you are at your UEFI shell prompt and wish to display your UEFI firmware version and related information such as the vendor, revision and build date. How do you get this information? The ver command does not provide this information. You can parse the output of smbiobview -t 0 and get the information. Or you can simply compile and run the following UEFI utility: // // Copyright (c) 2012 Finnbarr P. Murphy. All rights reserved. // // Display Firmware Information Vendor, Version and Release Date via SMBIOS // // Any source code included from EDK2 is copyright Intel Corporation