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Enhanced Linked List Support in GNU-EFI

GNU-EFI enables you to develop (U)EFI applications for IA-64 (IPF), IA-32 (x86) and x86_64 platforms using the GNU GCC toolchain and the (U)EFI development environment. The current support for double linked lists in GNU-EFI is old and not very useful. Moreover, it is based on a series of macros rather than actual functions. I needed additional functionality for a small EFI command line utility that I was writing and so I decided to try and improve double linked list support in GNU-EFI. Here is the contents of the original header, i.e. /usr/include/efi/efilink.h, for GNU-EFI v3.0t: #ifndef _EFI_LINK_H #define _EFI_LINK_H