Enable VMware Workstation tools in RHEL7

If you install the minimum version of Red Hat Enterprise 7 as a VMware Workstation guest, you will have to overcome a number of obstacles to installing the VMware Tools.

Firstly, no ifconfig utility is installed. To install this utility, install the net-tools package.

# yum install net-tools

Next, check to see if the open-vm-tools package was installed. If not install it from your DVD or ISO. You may have to first create a repo entry similar to the following:

name=red Hat Enterprise Linix [DVD]
baseurl=file:///run/media/<FIXTHIS>/RHEL-7.0 Server.x86_64

and then run:

# yum install open-vm-tools

I found that I also had to install the vmhgfs driver in the guest virtual machine to support drag and drop.

To do this, I created another repo entry:

name = VMware Tools
baseurl =
enabled = 1
gpgcheck = 0

and ran:

# yum install open-vm-tools-deploypkg

After logging off and logging back in again to the guest, guest resizing was working and also copy-paste and drag and drop.

2 comments to Enable VMware Workstation tools in RHEL7

  • sysnewbe


    i’ve installed a rhel7 guest(server with gui) on windows7 host on vmware workstation 10.0.4
    Installed the the open-vm-tools provided in the guest iso)
    screen size , mouse integration ,cut copy (only clip board) working without a hitch. But drag and drop,folder sharing dont work.

    so after reading your blog and knowledge base article from the and installing open-vm-tools-deploypkg starting vmtoolsd checking status etc
    still no drag and drop or folder sharing

    This is not i was hoping from vmware given that capture video feature is removed and now issues with folder sharing ……
    I have tried many different ways install reinstall restart etc using virgin snapshot of my vm . I must be missing something here.

    would you kindly give us a bit more info on your setup(possibly some screen shots) how you achieved drag and drop or folder sharing


    • admin

      I am confused. Surely you need to install that VMware tools that came with Worlstation 10 -not open-vm-tools.