UCSM Emulator Updated

Cisco UCS Platform Emulator, Release 2.2 (2cPE1), a minor point release, was announced June 4th 2014. The emulator, by the way, is based on CentOS.

It adds support for the following new hardware:

  • B260-M4 and B460-M4 blade servers
  • C460-M4 rack server
  • UCSB-F-LSI-400S, UCSB-F-LSI-800M, UCSB-F-FIO-785M, UCSB-F-FIO-365M storage accelerators

The default configuration is changed from Mark 2 to Mark 3 blade and rack-mounted servers.

All in all a solid point release which installs without a problem in VMware Workstation or Oracle Virtual Box.

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