Fedora 19 Released Today. Includes OpenLMI

Fedora 19 (Schrödinger’s Cat) was released today. Probably the most significant change from a system management point of view was the inclusion of OpenLMI as a replacement for many of the system-config-* utilities.

OpenLMI is intended to be a common infrastructure for the management of Linux systems. Capabilities include configuration, management and monitoring of hardware, operating systems, and system services. It includes a set of services that can be accessed both locally and remotely, multiple language bindings, standard APIs, and standard scripting interfaces.

I am not sure what actual real world problem OpenLMI is trying to resolve but, just like systemd, OpenLMI seems to be a complex solution in search of a problem. Why does there seem to be a recent trend in the Linux world to take simple practical time-tested solutions and replace them with complex difficult-to-code solutions? Too many paid Linux developers with too little real work to do?

By the way, I get the initial idea behind systemd, i.e. parallelize the starting and stopping of services. I agree that is a useful goal. But since then systemd has grown into an all-encompassing monstrosity. I suspect OpenLMI will unfortunately evolve into a similar monstrosity.

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