Fedora FedUp Does Not Sync Distribution

Fedora FedUp is an excellent tool for upgrading your Fedora system.

However you should be aware that it does not currently synchronize your system with the Fedora distribution that you upgraded to. To do that, you need to execute the following command after you finish FedUp-ing your system.

# yum distro-sync

From the yum man page:

distribution-synchronization or distro-sync

    Synchronizes the installed package set with the latest packages available,
    this is done by either obsoleting, upgrading or downgrading as appropriate.
    This will "normally" do the same thing as the upgrade command however if you
    have the package FOO installed at version 4, and the latest available is only
    version 3, then this command will downgrade FOO to version 3.

    This command does not perform operations on groups, local packages or negative

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