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Revisit - Retrieve Microsoft Windows Product Key From UEFI Shell

In a February 2015 post, I published the source code for a simple UEFI shell utility which could retrieve a Microsoft Windows product license key from a system running Windows 8 or later. The code was based on the GNU EFI development and runtime libraries. There are a number of freely available EFI development environments. GNU EFI is probably the simplest of these and is what I recommend for beginners. It’s easy to install in a Linux environment such as Fedora 23 as both runtime and development RPMs are available from the Fedora repos. The most sophisticated EFI development environment

Retrieve Microsoft Windows Product Key From UEFI Shell

With Microsoft Windows v3.0 activation, the product key is now stored in the UEFI firmware instead of being printed on a COA sticker. Specifically, on UEFI firmware, the individualized product key is stored in the ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) table call MSDM ( Microsoft Data Management). This table contains the information necessary to enable individualized OEM activation. Note that generic activation information is stored in a separate ACPI table named SLIC (Software Licensing). I will not be discussing that particular table in this post. This utility is quite simple. It locates a pointer to the list of ACPI