Intel BIOS-Based Motherboards and GPT

Have you an Intel BIOS-based motherboard? Have you installed Fedora 16 only to find that your system will not boot and you end up an the GRUB2 rescue prompt wondering what to do?

The solution is simple and I will explain it to you in a moment. The problem is due to the way the Intel BIOS developers choose to implement their code based on their understanding of the PMBR (Protective MBR) GPT specification. If you want to read this specification in full, you need to read Section 5 of the UEFI 2.3 specification together with T13 EDD-4 revision 2.

Many Intel motherboards require the PMBR on the boot disk, which is located in LBA0, to be marked as bootable. You cannot mark the PMBR as bootable using gdisk or parted. You have to use fdisk for this. When you invoke fdisk and list partitions, it will show only one partition, i.e. the PMBR. Simple mark this partition as bootable and your system should now boot. You can boot your installation media in Rescue mode to make this change.

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