More on PowerShell

Microsoft’s PowerShell is radically different than shells on UNIX or GNU Linux systems in that Powershell can deal in objects rather than just plain text. A concrete example may help you more quickly understand the difference.  Suppose you want to get and save information about all the files in a certain subdirectory.   We want to get not only the names of the files but as much metadata as possible relating to each file such as date of creation, date of modification, etc.  This information also needs to be stored in a single XML document.  To keep the size of this post manageable,

Vista Snipping Tool Rant

My version of Microsoft Windows Vista comes with a screen capture tool called the Snipping Tool.  It is a very useful tool which I often use.  With this tool you can capture a screen shot (snip) of any part of your screen and save it to the clipboard or to a file in a number of formats (HTML, PNG, GIF, or JPEG).  Available snip types include free-form, rectangular, window or full-screen. One day last week the Snipping Tool suddenly stopped allowing me to save a snip to a file.  No error messages or message of any kind.  Pressing the Save