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Fedora 18 Timezone Configuration Changes

There are a number of changes to timezone configuration files in Fedora 18. Probably the biggest change is that /etc/localtime replaced /etc/sysconfig/clock and the system timezone is now configured by creating an appropriate symbolic link from /etc/localtime to the relevant timezone file in /usr/share/zonedata. This is more like what the GNU/Debian distribution and it’s downstream distributions such as Ubuntu do. To list available timezones run the following command: # timedatectl list-timezone To set the system timezone, to for example Eastern Standard Time, run the following command: # timedatectl set-timezone ‘Atlantic/New York’ It just updates the link /etc/localtime to point to

Convert Date TimeZone in Apache Server Log

Recently, I helped a user who was given the task of converting the dates in a Apache server log from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) to PST (Pacific Standard Time). In theory all that is necessary is to extract the date/time string from each log entry line, subtract 7 or 8 hours depending on whether daylight savings time is in force or not, and rebuild the log entry line with the new date/time string. On first examination, this would seen to be an easy task which would be suitable for gawk given that it has support for mktime and strptime. However