KSH93 libshell

In a number of posts about a year ago I discussed how to develop custom builtins for Korn Shell 93 (ksh93) using libshell and published APIs. You can also use these same APIs to access ksh93 functionality from within a C application. This post provides three simple examples of how to do this.

KSH93 Message Localization

ksh93 supports localization of internal error messages and getopts messages but localization of user messages in shell scripts is flawed. This post examines the issue and shows you how to easily support shell script message catalogs.

KSH93 Bit Manipulation

When programmers think about bitwise manipulation, they usually think about using C or C++ to solve their problem since both programming languages provide a rich set of features which make it easy to perform bitwise manipulation. It is possible to just as easily perform such operations using the Korn shell. This post explains what bitwise manipulation and number conversion facilities are available in ksh93.

KSH93 Extended Patterns

Pattern matching is an important component of any modern shell. The ksh93 shell supports both regular expressions as well as what is called extended patterns. Extended patterns can be thought of as class or type of extended regular expressions. The purpose of this post is to explain, with some examples, how to use the power of extended patterns in your ksh93 scripts.

Korn Shell 93 Stat Builtin

This post demonstrates how to write a loadable stat builtin for Korn shell 93.