Google Page Translator

Today, I added a gadget to my blog so that readers can easily translate my posts into any one of thirty five languages using the Google Translate webpage language translation engine.  You will find it low on the left hand side of this webpage.  From the drop down list, just pick the language you want to convert the current post to and after a short delay a new webpage will appear with the post displayed in the selected language.  Note – you need to have scripts enabled in your browser for the Google gadget to display on this webpage. Adding this functionality was

Google Globetrotting Woes

I am currently on the beautiful island of Cebu in the Philippines visiting with my old friend and colleague Charles Richmond at IISC and giving some talks on OS internals.  I use a Lenovo Thinkpad laptop running Windows Vista Ultimate when travelling with Mozilla Firefox 3 as my default browser. Firefox 3 comes with a default Search Bar on the top right hand corner containing a number of default search engines including Google. If I type a search term in the Google Search Bar option, Google figures out behind the scenes that I am located in the Philippines, redirects me

Not your Grandfather's dd Utility!

A recent article in Red Hat Magazine by Noah Gift and Grig Gheorghiu called “This isn’t your grandpappy’d dd command demonstrated how to use Python, the dd utility and the Google Chart API to produce a bar chart showing throughput at different block sizes. However the output from the Python script was not the actual graph but a URL which you then had to paste into a Web browser to view the resulting chart. I though this script would be useful but did not want to have to cut and paste a URL into a Web browser so I decided