Enable YubiKey Authentication on Fedora 14

This post discusses how a YubiKey works and describes how to use it to provide two-factor authentication on Fedora 14.

Updating the Fedora 14 JavaScript Shell

This post shows you how to build the Mozilla TraceMonkey JavaScript shell on Fedora 14. A number of examples are also provided to show you how to load and execute JavaScript scripts using this JavaScript shell.

Installing 64-bit Flash Plugin (Square) for Firefox on Fedora 13

This post shows you how to download, install and test the 64-bit Adobe Flash 10 Square plugin for Firefox on 64-bit Fedora 13,

Installing Oracle 11g Release 2 on Fedora 13

While Oracle Database 11g Release 2 is not certified to run on Fedora 13, it is possible to successfully install and run the database on Fedora 13. This post walks you though all the necessary steps to install and configure the database and connect to it using Oracle sqldesigner and the Oracle Enterprise Manager web console.

Installing Sybase ASE 15.5 on Fedora 13

This post describes in detail the steps necessary to install Sybase ASE on Fedora 13.