Chronium Ninja Build System

If you have even had to build the Chromium browser from source using GNU Make, you will know that it is a very slow process even on a 4 core system. Ninja is a build system written by Evan Martin, who works for Google and is a Chrome developer, with the specific goal of improving the edit-compile cycle time. It currently only works on Linux. It can be dropped into a Chrome or Chromium build and behaves very similar to the GNU Make utility except it builds things much faster than make can. Typically you should use the Gold linker

Building Old Chromium Releases Often Fails

It should be easy to build older Chromium (the browser upon which Google Chrome is based) releases but in fact it is not. More often than not, at least on Linux which is where I build Chromium, the build fails in multiple places. For example, try building the 13.0.782.218 release which is a fairly recent release. It falls over in several places, the first being in the source for the OTS tool. This simply should not occur in any major software project and particularly projects such as Chromium. You should be able to build an exact copy of a particular