Why Wayland?

The drive to replace the X11 Window System with something more modern is gaining momentum. Currently, Wayland is the leading contender. Eric Griffith and Daniel Stone have written an interesting article on Phoronix called The Wayland Situation in which they attempt to explain the shortcomings of X and the advantages of Wayland. Worth reading!

Jon McCann Talks about GNOME3

While I use the GNOME 3 Shell in my day-to-day work, I am not a fan of many of its features. Things that used take one click not take several clicks, the fact that a specific chat (poor) mechanism is built into the interface, the extremely poor notification paradigm and more. I am also annoyed by the “we know best attitude” of the small closed group of core developers and designers who pretend to be an welcoming open group and to accept input from regular users or developers but in fact are not and do not. Just read the archives