Solaris 10 Queuedefs

Linux platforms have a very crude cron facility compared to Solaris and other enterprise Unix platforms. The Linux cron facility needs to be upgraded to support the concept of queue definitions. In Solaris 10, for example, the number of concurrent jobs, their priority and rescheduling times are configurable via /etc/cron.d/queuedefs. In previous versions of Solaris, the number of concurrent jobs was hard-coded to 100 concurrent jobs. The queuedefs file is read by the clock daemon, cron, and controls how jobs submitted using at, batch, and crontab are executed. Every job submitted by one of these commands is placed in a

Installing Solaris 11 on Intel x86-64 Platform

This post discusses the new features in Solaris 11 and includes a series of screenshots of a Solaris 11 install on VirtualBox.