POSIX Way to Check User Input in Shell Scripts

This post discusses how to validate both localized and non-localized user input in the POSIX shell.

Shell Script: Print Hexadecimal Representation of String

This post discusses how to print out the numeric value of a character in the underlying codeset in a shell script.

Porting KSH93 to Windows 7 SUA

This post shows you how to download, build and install the latest version of the Korn shell in the Windows 7 SUA subsystem.

Localizing Korn Shell Scripts

In this post I discuss how to internationalize and localize message text strings in Korn Shell scripts and briefly touch on some other localization issues such as numbers, dates and piping which may affect your shell scripts.

IEEE Std. 1003.1-2008

I am a big fan of the POSIX.1 standard.  The lastest version of this standard (IEEE Std. 1003.1-2008) was released in December 1st 2008.  The formal name for this version of the standard is Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) Base Specifications, Issue 7. Like its predecessors, IEEE Std. 1003.1-2004 and IEEE Std. 1003.1-2001, it was developed by the Austin Common Standards Revision Group (CSRG), more commonly called the Austin Working Group, which is a joint technical working group established in 1999 to develop and maintain the core open systems interfaces.  The working group’s stated approach to specification development is write