Systemd the Operating System?

It appears that Lennard Poettering is a student of Adolf Hitler plan to invade the Sudetenland. Just let me do this and all will be well! Systemd was sold to the adoring masses on the basis that it would significantly speed up system startup and shutdown. That was a complete lie from the start. Systemd has not significantly improved system startup or shutdown times. Instead it has seriously complicated things for ordinary system administrators and integrators. Instead of a small number of initialization scripts, there are hundreds of configuration files and executables.

Since then, systemd has spread like a cancer into many areas of most Linux distributions and even tried to muscle its way into the Linux kernel until Linux Torvalds put a stop to that effort.

The following slide from a recent GNOME Asia conference should alarm people. It shows how deeply embedded systemd had become in modern Linux distributions.

Poettering’s goals for systemd should seriously worry people.

So Linux today is just a big of bits? Tell that to all the companies who are betting their future on Linux. He wants to build the Internets Next Generation OS! Time to push back against such immature arrogance.

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