Does Your Fedora ESP Have to be Located At /boot/efi?

Since converting to UEFI firmware some years ago, I have always mounted my ESP (EFI System Partition) at /boot/efi. Why? Because that is where Fedora and the other Linux distributions put it.

But does the ESP need to be actually mounted there? Well, it turns out that the answer depends on how you are booting your UEFI Linux kernel. If you are using GRUB, the answer is yes; your ESP must be mounted at /boot/efi due to dependencies in GRUB code.

If you are booting your kernel using the EFI Boot Stub mechanism, available in Linux kernel 3.3 and later, you can mount your ESP anywhere you like and booting just works. On my system, I have it mounted at /efi.

However, Fedora and other distributions assume that you are using GRUB as your bootloader and attempt to install updates to GRUB in /boot/efi/EFI/fedora. I plan to raise an enhancement request so the and other packager managers check to see if GRUB is installed before installing any related updates to the ESP.

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