Over 350K LPI Certification Attempts

According to a press release today by the Linux Professional Institute (LPI):

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI), the world’s premier Linux certification organization, announced that in 2012 the organization surpassed two significant milestones: delivering over 350,000 exams and 120,000 certifications worldwide since the organization’s inception.

I suspect that most of these examination attempts were actually the two CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI entry level exams (currently LXO-101 and LX0-102), rather than LPIC-2 or LPIC-3.

It would be interesting to see a breakdown of these numbers because they imply a success of about 65% for LKO-101 and LXO-102. This matches my experience as an instructor for this certification for students who have about one years Linux experience prior to attending an exam preparation bootcamp.

1 comment to Over 350K LPI Certification Attempts

  • Nope. The CompTIA exams have no input into our exam count — even if they did they would be small as their use of our exams is relatively recent. At any rate they count their exams and we count ours. However, as people may apply for LPIC-1 after obtaining the CompTIA certification, there would be a marginal influence on our certification total i.e. 125,000+

    Also to properly differentiate you should use the term “exam attempts”. Most of our certification require two exams. The 350,000 number is total number of exams.