UEFI Install OEL 6.3 on Lenovo T430

I recently UEFI-installed Oracle Enterprise linux (OEL) on a Lenovo T430 that had the default Intel graphics card. In both graphical and text install modes, the OEL install screens were seriously messed up. I choose to install using the graphics mode because I am very familar with that mode from installing RHEL over the years. Other than the messed up screen, the install went smoothly.

Upon rebooting OEL, the screen was still messed up. Even in text mode at run level 1, the problem persisted. However if I switched to the lasted UEK – 2.6.32-279.9.1 – the screen stablized and was usable after waiting a few minutes. Why the wait? I am not sure what happens but the screen flickered on and off a few times after I log in and then stabalizes and is fine for the rest of my login session.

This version of the kernel supports EFI booting and EFI variables, but does not include support for EFI STUB booting – so the modified EFI-aware GRUB legacy (0.97) produced by Red Hat or GRUB2 is required to boot from a UEFI Shell.

Note that no UEFI shell is provided with the T430; you have to carve out space for an ESP (EFI System Partition) and install a UEFI Shell yourself. You can get a suitable UEFI shell from Tianocore or elsewhere. Unfortunately, the T430 does not support the Shell2 from EDK11 – only the shell from EDK1.

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  • Aiglefin

    Hi! I have a lot of difficulties to UEFI-installed OEL6 on a Hp g6; Please Could you help me?