Maylasia – Computing Professionals Law

An interesting law now being considered in Malaysia proposes that those registered with the federal government can work, and it would be illegal for others to offer any kind of computing services.

You can read a draft of the Computing Professionals Bill 2011 at Scribd. The idea is to create a Board of Computing Professionals and make it mandatory by law for all people offering their services in the field of computing to be registered with and certified by this Board.

This Board will have the power to determine whether you are a properly qualified professional. There will of course be yearly registration fees and more to pay for the cost of this board. If you are not registered with this Board, you will be prohibited from submitting proposals,plans,designs,drawings,schemes,reports,studies or others to be determined by the Board to any person or authority in Malaysia.

Two classes of registered people are proposed in the draft bill:

  • Registered Computing Practitioner: A person without a degree in computing.
  • Registered Computing Professional: A person with a degree in computing

Companies would be registered as computing services providers.

Only Registered Computing Professionals would be allowed to offer services or work in areas defined by the government’s Critical National Information Infrastructure guidelines. Furthermore, they must declare their areas of specialisation and can only work within those declared areas of specialization.

I am not against the concept in principle, but I think that some sort of training period should be mandated before a holder of a degree in computing can register as a computing professional. After all, many people graduate with degrees but totally unsuited to the profession. The training period requirements would be designed weed out most of these people.

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