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Upgrade Fedora 15 to Fedora 16

It goes without saying that you should back up all essential data and files before attempting an upgrade.

As superuser, drop down to runlevel 3 (init 3), i.e. non-GUI multiuser and execute the following commands in the order that they are shown below.

# rpm --import
# yum -y update yum
# yum clean all
# yum -y --releasever=16 --disableplugin=presto distro-sync

That is it. Reboot your system to ensure that the upgrade to Fedora 16 was successful.

Note that your multiboat loader will still be Legacy GRUB and partitioning on the boot fdisk will still be MBR (Master Boot Record) and not GRUB2 and GPT (GUID Partition Table).

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