SUSE Linux

Am I the only person that thinks that SuSE Linux is the most polished of the major Linux distributions?

Recently, I had to install SuSE Linux 11.2 to test some system configuration software that I had written. After spending the last couple of years working mainly with Fedora, RHEL or CentOS, it was a pleasant surprise to install SuSE Linux 11.2. Nice crisp graphics and layout! The questions were few and precise. Help was excellent. The install process flowed smoothly and logically. SuSE Linux simply just looks more professional and polished compared with Red Hat.

Here are some screenshots of the install user interface:

SuSE Linux 1

SuSE Linux 2

Red Hat sure could learn a lot about UI design from the SUSE Linux designers. Fedora even more so. They seriously dropped the ball for the Fedora 15 installation experience and the default GNOME shell theme.

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