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Korn Shell 93 Extended I/0

The Korn shell 93 exec command is a special overloaded built-in command that contains a number of very useful extensions relating to file descriptors and input/output which most shell programmers are unaware of. This post explains these extensions and shows examples of their use.

Half-Precision Floating Point Format

Half precision floating point is a 16-bit binary floating-point interchange format.  It was not part of the original ANSI/IEEE 754 Standard for Binary Floating-Point Arithmetic published in 1985 but is included in the current version of the standard, IEEE 754-2008 (previously known as IEEE 754r) which was published last August.  See this Wikipedia article for background information. Floating point formats defined by this standard are classified as either interchange or non-interchange.  In the standard storage formats are narrow interchange formats, i.e. the set of floating point values that can be stored by the specified binary encoding is a proper subset of wider floating

XSLT Copy with Exception

A recent problem that was posed to me concerned how to copy the entire contents of an XML document with certain exceptions.  Turns out that the simplest way to handle this requirement in XSLT1.0 was to include the standard XSL identity template in my stylesheet and add another template to handle the exception. A simple example will make things clearer.  Suppose we have the following XML document (which I shamelessly copied from and modified to simplify) and we want to copy this document in its entirety except for details of CDs by a specific artist. <?xml version="1.0"?> <CATALOG> <CD> <TITLE>Empire Burlesque</TITLE>

Korn Shell 93 Alarm Builtin

This post discusses the undocumented alarm builtin in Korn Shell 93.

Favicon Issues

Today I decided to add some color to my blog by adding a picture to my profile and to the title bar.   As soon as I have my profile picture in place, I decided that it would be a good idea to use this same picture to add a favicon to my blog.  Bad mistake!  Turns out that does not allow you to upload a favicon (AKA shortcut icon) file.  Instead you are expected to link to a shortcut icon file residing on another host. Well, I decided that I did not want to set up another account on another host just