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Change GDM background in GNOME 3.2

Suppose you wish to change the background for GDM (GNOME Display Manager) to /usr/share/backgrounds/zim2687.jpg. Here is how to do it: # xhost +SI:localuser:gdm # sudo -u gdm gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri ‘file:////usr/share/backgrounds/zim2687.jpg’ # xhost -SI:localuser:gdm Log out and you should see the new background when GDM restarts.

Changing the Activities Button in GNOME Shell 3.2

In the original version of the GNOME Shell (3.0) it was very easy to alter the text of the Activities button or add an icon by means of a simple GNOME Shell extension. For example, here is the code for a simple GNOME Shell extension that I published shortly after the release of GNOME 3.0 which enables a user to do just that. const St =; const Main = imports.ui.main; const Panel = imports.ui.panel; const Gettext = imports.gettext.domain(‘gnome-shell’); const _ = Gettext.gettext; function main() { let hotCornerButton = Main.panel.button; let box = new St.BoxLayout({ style_class: ‘activities_box’}); // change the alpha

Jasper St. Pierre just announced the alpha test of We’re happy to announce that is now in public alpha testing at: If you have GNOME Shell 3.2 on your system, you should be able to install extensions from the website via your browser. This uses the “GNOME Shell Integration” browser plugin which is likely already installed on your system if you have GNOME 3.2. The plugin only works with Firefox currently – see “Known Bugs” below. We’ve seeded the site with a small set of extensions, including the extensions from gnome-shell-extensions. If you are the author of

Updating GNOME Shell Extensions To Work With GNOME 3.2

This particular post will contain the knowledge that I accumulate of the next few weeks about updating GNOME 3.0 Shell extensions so that they work with the GNOME 3.2 Shell. It will be a living document for a period of about 2 months so check back frequently for updates. When the GNOME 3.4 Shell is released, it will be covered in a separate post. As you are probably aware, GNOME Shell comes with an interactive GNOME Shell extension creator called gnome-shell-extension-tool. The utility is actually a simple Python script. It generates a simple Hello World extension using: gnome-shell-extension-tool –create-extension After

GNOME 3.2 Simple Popup Menu Example

GNOME 3.2 is about to be released. There are major changes in the way GNOME Shell extensions must to be written in order to work with this version of GNOME. Here is a simple GNOME 3.2 Shell extension which demonstrates a simple popup menu on the right hand side of the panel (top bar.) Once loaded, it can be enabled (displayed) or disabled (removed) without restarting the GNOME Shell. This is a major improvement over GNOME 3.0 and 3.1. // // Copyright (c) 2011 Finnbarr P. Murphy. All rights reserved. // const St =; const PanelMenu = imports.ui.panelMenu; const