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Exploring Cisco UCS Emulator Internals

Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System, codenamed Project California during development) was introduced in 2009. It was originally developed as a data center server technology optimized for VMware virtualization workloads, but nowadays is used in many mid-size and large enterprises. One of the key advantages of UCS from a system administration perspective is the radical reduction in system management points to a single management point called the UCS Manager (UCSM) which is implemented as an NX-OS kernel module in a Cisco Nexus 6000 series Fabric Interconnect (FI) switch. A FI is essentially a Top-Of-Rack switch as far as UCS is concerned.

UCSM Emulator Updated

Cisco UCS Platform Emulator, Release 2.2 (2cPE1), a minor point release, was announced June 4th 2014. The emulator, by the way, is based on CentOS. It adds support for the following new hardware: B260-M4 and B460-M4 blade servers C460-M4 rack server UCSB-F-LSI-400S, UCSB-F-LSI-800M, UCSB-F-FIO-785M, UCSB-F-FIO-365M storage accelerators The default configuration is changed from Mark 2 to Mark 3 blade and rack-mounted servers. All in all a solid point release which installs without a problem in VMware Workstation or Oracle Virtual Box.

EDK11 UEFI Emulator on Fedora 14

The EFI Development Kit (EDK) contains the public part of the original reference EFI implementation developed by Intel. It includes source code, makefiles and binaries for the reference EFI Shell. Build tips (targets) include a Win32 (NT32) UEFI emulator and DUET (Developer’s UEFI Emulation) which create an emulated environment where you can test EFI applications and code without the need for an actual EFI-enabled Platform. One of the major problems with the EDK is that the build environment is very much Microsoft Windows centric. This reflects the heritage of the EDK. EFI was initially developed for the IA64 (Merced/Itanium) platform