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Using FedUp to Update an EFI Boot Stub System to Fedora 19

FedUp (FEDora UPgrader) is the new tool for upgrading existing Fedora installs in Fedora 18 and above releases. It replaces all the previously recommended upgrade methods, i.e. PreUpgrade, DVD, USB, etc., that were available in previous Fedora releases. By the way, the Anaconda installer was totally redesigned for Fedora 18 and no longer has built-in upgrade functionality in Fedora 18 or later releases. Such functionality was delegated to FedUp. In this post, I demonstrate how to use FedUp to upgrade an EFI Boot Stub (EFISTUB) Fedora 18 system to an EFI Boot Stub Fedora 19 system. The EFI Boot Stub

Fedora 12 Dracut

Fedora 12 (Constantine) contains a new infrastructure for populating and building an initramfs image called Dracut. Dracut is a replacement for both the mkinitrd build script and the nash script interpreter. The project was started by Jeremy Katz when he worked at Redhat as a result of discussions at a Linux Summit a couple of years ago and some community prodding by David Jones. Currently Harald Hoyer, who works for Redhat, is the owner of the project. In this post I examine Dracut in detail and show the major differences between the existing and new infrastructures. I assume that if