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List EFI Configuration Table Entries

Now that UDK2015 is released, I decided to upgrade my UEFI development environment to that release. While testing the release, I realized that I had never written a UEFI shell utility to list the EFI configuration table entries and so decided to quickly develop a prototype of such a utility. Here is the source code for the utility: // // Copyright (c) 2015 Finnbarr P. Murphy. All rights reserved. // // Display EFI Configuration Table entries // // License: BSD License // #include <Uefi.h> #include <Library/UefiLib.h> #include <Library/ShellCEntryLib.h> #include <Library/ShellLib.h> #include <Library/BaseMemoryLib.h> #include <Library/UefiBootServicesTableLib.h> #include <Protocol/EfiShell.h> #include <Protocol/LoadedImage.h> // first

What is /proc/config.gz?

Linux can store a gzip’ed copy of the kernel configuration file used to build the kernel in the kernel itself, and make it available to users via /proc/config.gz. This file is not always present in a Linux distribution. It is only present when /proc support is enabled and CONFIG_IKCONFIG and CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC are set to Y in the kernel configuration file. Most distributions do not enable it by default; instead they include the kernel configuration file under /boot. If in-kernel configuration support is built as a kernel module, then before you can use /proc/config.gz, the configs module needs to be loaded