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Display BMP Details and Image In UEFI Shell

This is my first cut at a utility that you can use at the UEFI shell to load and display details about a BMP image file as well as the actual image. I assume that you are quite familiar with coding in the UEFI UDK environment if you are reading this post and therefore do not attempt to explain the code or build environment. It should be trivial to port to other UEFI developments environments such as GNU EFI if you prefer a different development environment. // // Copyright (c) 2015 Finnbarr P. Murphy. All rights reserved. // // Display

Intel Processor Power Management

Modern Intel processor power management is based on a combination of two techniques: changing the CPU frequency (P-states) and using idling power states (C-states). A third technique, used on older processors but rarely on modern processors, is throttling of the CPU (T-states). P-states are voltage-frequency pairs that set the speed and power consumption of an Intel processor. When the operating voltage of the processor is lower, so is the power consumption. C-states are idle power saving states, in contrast to P-states, which are execution power saving states. During a P-state, the processor is still executing instructions, whereas during a C-state