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On-disk File Timestamps

The Single Unix Specification, Base Definitions (XBD), Section 4.8 entitled “File Times Update” states “An implementation may update timestamps that are marked for update immediately, or it may update such timestamps periodically.” This means that, for example, that file read and write operations are free to set the appropriate flags in the in-memory structures and do the actual updating of the on-disk filesystem structures at a later time. Assuming periodically means from time to time, it implies that a POSIX-compliant operating system is free to update it’s on-disk structures when it is convenient for the operating system to do so.

Access BGRT Information and Boot Graphics From UEFI Shell

In this post, I show you how to access the ACPI 5.0 Boot Graphics Resource Table (BGRT) from the UEFI shell and how to save a copy of that boot graphic, usually an OEM logo, in BMP format to disk. To fully understand the BGRT, you need to read the ACPI specification, version 5. Quoting from section 5.2.22 of that specification: The Boot Graphics Resource Table (BGRT) is an optional table that provides a mechanism to indicate that an image was drawn on the screen during boot, and some information about the image. The table is written when the image