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Patching a GNOME Shell theme

This post shows you how to write an GNOME Shell extension to patch a theme stylesheet.

Using an Extension to Monkey Patch the GNOME Shell

This post demonstrates how to use the GNOME Shell extension mechanism to monkey patch the GNOME Shell in order to provide new functionality for the shell or fix a existing defect in the shell.

Boot Fedora 15 Using UEFI and GRUB2

With the release of Fedora 15, I decided to have another look at the state of UEFI booting Fedora using GRUB2. In this post I show you how to build and install an UEFI version of GRUB2 which can be used to boot Fedora 15 instead of using the UEFI-enabled version of Legacy GRUB that comes with Fedora 15.

GNOME 3 Shell on VirtualBox

Yes, it is possible! If your video hardware can run GNOME 3 shell natively, then you should be able to run it in VirtualBox. Your version of VirualBox needs to be 4.0.8 or better. The VirtualBox developers included a patch in v4.08 to make sure it works with then new Gnome 3 shell. You need to have 3D acceleration enabled and video memory set as high as possible. You also need to a development kernel (sources and headers) installed on your guest. For Fedora 15, you can install a development kernel as follows: yum install gcc kernel-devel-$(uname -r) You also