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GNOME Shell Theme Selector Preview

The GNOME Shell developers appear to have no interest at present in supporting custom theming of the GNOME Shell. Frankly I do not blame the developers for taking this position as they had more than enough work on their hands getting the first release of the GNOME Shell stabilized and out the door and have lots of work to do to complete the next major version of the GNOME Shell for GNOME 3.2. I would have done the same. According to Owen Taylor, maintainer of the GNOME Shell: From the perspective of the GNOME Shell team, GNOME Shell themes are

Replace GNOME Shell Activities Text String with Icon

In a recent post I provided an example of a GNOME Shell extension that changed the Hot Spot Activities text string to a Fedora Icon. A number of people contacted me about this because they wanted to use a different icon but were unable to get their icon to appear. As a result, I decided to write this post to explain things in more detail. First, for base reference purposes, here is the default GNOME Shell (v3.0) desktop on Fedora 15 beta without any customization. I added the red arrows pointing at the Activities area to each of the images

GNOME 3.0 and 3.1 Shell Extensions

[2011-11-01] This blog discusses extensions for the GNOME Shell version 3.0 and 3.1. Extensions for GNOME 3.2 are somewhat different. I will be writing a new post discussing such extensions shortly and will provide a pointer here when it is written. The new GNOME Shell in GNOME 3 includes support for GNOME Shell extensions. What, you may ask, is a GNOME Shell extension? According to the GNOME web page on GNOME Shell extensions the GNOME Shell extension design is designed to give a high degree of power to the parts of the GNOME interface managed by the shell, such