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GRUB2 Modules

GRUB2 has a modular architecture with support for loading and unloading code modules as needed. Modules are similar to Linux kernel modules in some respects but in other ways they are like plugins for Mozilla Firefox or the Eclipse IDE. In this post I provide an overview of what a GRUB2 module is and show you how to modify an existing module to add new functionality. I also demonstrate how to develop, integrate and test your own custom module using the GRUB2 grub-emu userspace emulator. The current version of GRUB2 (v1.98) has 159 modules: acpi.mod date.mod gcry_sha1.mod loopback.mod pbkdf2.mod terminfo.mod

Upgrading Fedora 13 to GRUB2

While a number of other GNU/Linux releases such as Ubuntu have moved to GRUB2, Fedora continues to use GRUB Legacy. Some preliminary investigation work on migrating to GRUB2 was done by Jeremy Katz for the Fedora Project when he worked for Red Hat. but that work seems to have completely stopped when he left Red Hat as the last update of the project page was in July 2009. This post will show you how to migrate your Fedora 13 system to boot using GRUB2 instead of GRUB Legacy. As always, back up your system before attempting the migration. Things can