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JavaScript Shell Command Line Processing

I like to use a JavaScript shell when developing custom JavaScript functions which contain more than a few lines of code. Logic and coding errors are easier to spot. The development cycle is also faster because you can avoid the cycle of loading code onto a web server, reloading a web page, etc. What is a JavaScript shell you may ask? First some background. JavaScript is a complex full-featured weakly typed object- based functional programming language originally developed by Brendan Eich in 1995 while working on the Netscape Navigator browser. It is most frequently used in client-side web applications but

Switching Linux Web Browser To Google Chrome

I finally broke down and decided to switch to using the Google Chrome web browser on my Linux platforms instead of Mozilla Firefox. Installation was easy; just download the appropriate RPM or DEB from the Google Chrome download area and install it. Reading an EULA is, as always, interesting and Google Chrome’s EULA was no different Turns out that Google Chrome is licensed under the infamous AVC patent portfolio and under an Adobe license for a Flash player plug-in which includes the following clause The Chrome-Reader Software may not be used to render any PDF or EPUB documents that utilize

HTML5 Canvas Element Rubber Banding

Some time ago I wanted to provide rubber banding functionality for a Firefox add-on which I was developing that used the HTML5 canvas element as a drawing surface. Not having previously implemented rubber banding on a HTML5 canvas element, but having done so in the X Window system and in Microsoft Windows, I thought that it would be something that would be relatively trivial to implement. Just find the appropriate routines, plug them into my application and and declare victory. Much to my surprise when I did an Internet search on the topic I found very little useful information on